Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about MY Compliance Management? Have a look below but if you can't find the answer or would just rather have a chat give us a call!


How do I get legislation updates?
Who gets notifications for legislation updates?
Where can I see my legal register?


Are their any hidden costs?
How much is it per year?
Can I pay by Direct Debit?
Can I pay monthly?


Do I get to choose which modules I want?
Can I have a read only user?
Who are your customers?
I couldn't find you on the top 10 of best compliance systems in google, why not?
Where is my data stored?
Are you only in the UK?
Can I have it installed on my server?
What's the difference between the trial and a paid account?
Can MY Compliance Management be integrated with other systems?
Are there specific IT requirements?
How is my data protected and are you GDPR compliant?
How do I delete a user?
What web browsers are supported on the system?


Do you offer onsite training?
What support do you offer?

Set Up

Whats the on boarding process? How are we introduced to the system?
How long does it take to set up?
How do I add a user?
How do I create a user group?
How do I make something private?


Can I have more than 100 users?
Can I cancel anytime?
Can I get my data if I leave you?
What's the notice period if I wish to cancel my subscription with you?
Do they have to have an email address to use it?
Does my data carry on from my trial account?
Can I have longer than a 2 week trial?
What happens at the end of our years subscription? Do we need to ask to be renewed?
How much data do I get?
How do I reset my password?
How can the software help people working remotely?
Can I use your system as an intervention tool to manage behaviours etc?
If I delete something by accident can it be retrieved?


Can I customise or add my own fields?
Can I store training certificates in the system?
Can I create my own audits?
Does it work offline?
Will it remind me when a contractors requirement is due to expire?
Can I use legsilation from my country in it?
Is it mobile friendly?
Do you provide any other legislation outside of the UK?
Can I give my contractors access to upload their documents?
How do you keep your database of legislation up to date?

User Access

I have more people I need to have access to my system but they don't need access to everything.. How do we do this?
Do you have different user levels?


Do you have any generic risk assesments included?
Can I copy a risk register?

Substance Database

Do you have the ability to add COSHH data sheets to the system?
Can you attach substances from the database to a risk assessment?


Can I escalate an action?


Can I copy an aspect register?
Can I delete an aspect register?


How do you delete part of an audit imported from Library or edit the criteria?


Can I add users to get asset alerts?


Can I delete an incident?


Can I change the owner of a requirements register?

Training Manager

How do I flag an employee as left the company in Training module?
Can I change the surname of a user or trainee?
Can standard users add their own training?
Is it possible to change the email notification settings for training expiry reminders?

Contractor Management

Where can I store my contractors training records?


What files can I upload?
Where can I manage my documents?
Can i link to a SharePoint document that i have created?